A Colorful Rajasthani Wedding Celebrated With Festooned Emotions!

Weddings are the most amazing events and the most anticipated occasion in one's life. It is the day when two different souls with different upbringing come together in a union to tie the knot for life. They vow and make commitments to spend the rest of their life with each other at the time of grief and happiness. Every couple wants their wedding to be special, most romantic and thrilling this is why the couples prefer to have a big fat wedding among the loved ones, family members, and friends to make the day special.

Being the best wedding photographer in Delhi, The Wedding Studio had a great opportunity to cover one such wedding of Sonakshi and Harshit, who strived to have a colorful and zestful Rajasthani marriage ceremony. The beautiful marriage had everything that a traditional and modern wedding should have. From the traditional Rajasthani rituals to the contemporary romantic dance moves, the wedding had it all.

Rajasthan is the most fascinating place and the perfect choice for the destination wedding celebrations offering to celebrate a great day with colorful ancient rituals, and traditions. Rajasthani wedding involves several pre wedding and post wedding rituals that are performed during the wedding ceremony. This relationship kicks off when the family members of the bride and the groom fix the marriage after matching their horoscope. Those preferring to have a Rajasthan styled wedding generally follow the ancient rituals and traditions to celebrate the exuberant day of the matrimony.

Since Sonakshi and Harshit's marriage ceremony was blended with ancient and modern culture, which made the wedding them most spectacular and the most memorable. Festooned with floral decoration and lights, the stage was lit up with firecrackers when Sonakshi and Harshit made some dance moves on the floor in the pre wedding ceremony where they enjoyed some dance performances amid the loud applause and the romantic smoke bombs.


Haldi ceremony is again the traditional ritual where a paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied on the skin of the couple. All the family members and the relatives of the couple take this privilege to decorate them with Haldi. Mehdi ceremony is also a pre wedding ceremony where the bride applies henna on her hands and feet.



The bride is the most important individual at the wedding ceremony, be it a pre wedding ceremony celebrations or wedding or post wedding celebration, it is the bride who steals the spotlight of the event. Whether she is getting ready for her ideal day or making some dance moves, It is important to capture her at every moment. Her dress, ornaments or her entry on the day of the wedding are equally important.


Couple moments are the most romantic, where the couple spend time together or perform the rituals together on the day of the wedding or before the wedding. The bride and the groom in the wedding dress respectively and performing the Pheras around the sacred fire or exchanging garlands or simply posing for a candid picture, all the moments are significantly covered by our professional photographers in Jaipur.


The Barat and the farewell are the most epic and the most emotional moments at any wedding. The groom ferrying with the bride to her new home and new life and the family members biding adieu to the bride and the groom.


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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 19 Dec, 2019