Indian Wedding Photography | A Sneak Peek to Different Indian Wedding Cultures

India is the second-largest country when it comes to population. And due to such a rich population, we have a richer culture that has been carried forward through every generation. And talking about diversity. India is such a diverse country that with every 200 KMs we see a change in language and traditions. Weddings are one of the most awaited and crucial events in the couple's life. It is the day during which the couple comes forward and vows to remain with each other at times of grief as well as in happiness. Since the event is celebrated among family members, friends, intimate relatives, and acquaintances, it becomes inevitable for the couple to hire the best wedding photography on this ideal day. Indian wedding photography is popular among a large chunk of people in the country. With everyone anticipating and yearning to celebrate and get it all covered, Indian wedding photography becomes the talk of the town during these huge ceremonies. As Indian weddings go on for days or sometimes for a week, Indian wedding photographers get an opportunity to cover the event across the ceremonies that include Sangeet, Mehndi, Haldi ceremony, and the Ring ceremony to show their Indian wedding photography skills.

And it's not just the diversity that India is famous for but it is also famous for its Weddings. There is a popular phrase, "Big Fat Indian Wedding" and the reason for this phrase is the love of our Indians for the extravagant things. Here in India, Weddings hold a very high significance in everybody's life and most importantly in a couple's life.
And we at The Wedding Studio have shot weddings all over the country and have lived through some really surreal moments, and we are here to give you a sneak peek of the Indian Wedding Photography that we have witnessed. So here are some of the different kinds of weddings that we see in India:

Hindu Wedding-

Unlike other weddings, these weddings can sometimes go on for even weeks. When we talk about earlier traditional weddings people had weddings that lasted 4-5 days. Hindu Weddings aren't just weddings, they are festivals that everyone enjoys and have a good time at. These weddings also have ceremonies like Mehendi and Haldi that takes place usually 2-3 day before the wedding day. We all have witnessed an Indian Hindu Wedding at some point in our lives. Seeing the bride and the groom in the Varmala Ceremony is really something that makes people happy as that is the official beginning of the new life of the bride and groom as a couple.

Indian wedding photography

Indian wedding photography culture

wedding photography


Bengali Wedding- 

Bengali Weddings are a perfect example of the traditional and cultural weddings that have been here in India for hundreds of years without being affected by popular trends. Every element of these weddings tells us something about the Bengali culture. In these weddings, there are some certain clothing that the bride and the groom have to wear so that they represent their tradition flawlessly.

bengali wedding photography

indian culture of bengali wedding

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Sikh Wedding-

As these Weddings usually happen at noon under the bright light of the sun, the Indian wedding photos taken by the wedding photographer really have a different sense of charm to them. While dressed in their best, both the bride and the groom look ravishing in their wedding outfits. And Sikh Wedding usually carries a very strong royal wedding vibe with them.

chandigarh wedding photographer

best wedding photographer in Chandigarh

Sikh wedding


Christian Weddings -

Christians Weddings happen in the way we see in the movies. These weddings are full of those precious moments that are captured by the wedding photographer so that the couple can cherish those weddings for years to come. The Wedding starts with the bride entering the church with her father and then walking down the aisle to the pulpit. Once the Bride reaches the pulpit the pastor asks the couple to take their vows followed by the exchange of the wedding rings. This is one of the most valuable moments in a Christian wedding as this makes it official that the bride and the grooms are husband and wife now.

christian wedding photography

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Here are some creative photography sessions that Indian wedding photography packages include.

Pre wedding photography -

Now the time has gone when the couple would meet each other at the time of the ring ceremony or at the wedding, couples have started being very optimistic about their relationship and building it ideally with a person that fits their personality and chemistry. The couples demand to meet their partners before they hop into the marriage. Due to this, they yearn to have a pre wedding photoshoot to match their chemistry, share some personal time and have fun together while they get filmed by the Indian wedding photographer with his extraordinary Indian wedding photography skills. The Indian wedding photographer will make sure to capture the couple at some exotic locations and get their memories documented. 

best pre wedding photographer in delhi

couple candid photoshoot

indian culture photography

couple candid photography

pre wedding photographer in delhi

pre wedding photoshoot

Bridal portrait -

Since a bride invests so much time and energy in getting ready for this ideal moment of this great day, it becomes imperative for her to get captured in that ideal look. Capturing the bride-to-be in different poses can be challenging for the Indian wedding photographer, however, it can be equally amazing and fun. Try to capture every element that adds to her beauty, and document it for her forever. These are the moments that she will live with years and cherish them forever. So, put your best efforts to get out the best clicks of the bride. 

best bridal photoshoot in delhi

bridal portrait photography

Behind the veil -

Capture the sly moments of the bride and her shyness behind the veil. The Indian wedding photographer can also use some creative props to get the best shots of the bride.

bride in Ghunghat

Swag -

Indian wedding photography is all about euphoria and swag. And it is the bride who eventually steals the spotlight of the wedding. Capture her exclusive styles when makes some swaggy moves.

bride photoshoot

bride with glass

Showcase Mehndi and Ornaments -

During the bridal photoshoot, it is important to focus on those elements that emphasize the beauty of the bride, which includes her mehndi, ornaments, and the other dazzling elements that make her stunning. Indian wedding photography is the perfect way to capture everything that festoons the bride and every capture must make her believe that she is gorgeous and stunning. 

bride in jewellery

bride in gajra

bridal mehendi photoshoot in delhi

Full shots -

These pictures help us properly perceive the beauty and elegance of the bride's lehenga.

best bridal portrait photoshoot

indian bridal photoshoot

Candid wedding photography -

Indian wedding photography is mostly famous for its candid approach to capturing weddings, and it has become a new trend to hire the best candid wedding photographer during the wedding ceremony. During the Indian wedding photography, the candid photographer will capture all the pictures candidly and randomly, giving you the best and the natural-posed pictures of your wedding day. The candid wedding photographer is a professional expert artist in the Indian wedding photography who strives to capture the wedding in his unique style and approach. He capturest the subject without asking him to pose for it, or even without letting him know that he is being captured. It helps him to capture the real emotions and the appearance of the subject, giving a natural view of the wedding.


candid wedding photoshoot in Delhi

briadal photoshoot

best indian wedding photography

candid wedding photography

Cinematography -

In Indian wedding photography, Cinematography has become quite popular with most of the couples liking to have the wedding ceremony documented. With the fact that it is the one-time event where all the members and relatives come under one roof to celebrate the bliss and the compassion of the couple, they tend to hire the cinematographer to film the function. During this event, the cinematographer uses his cinematic skills and covers the event across the days and ceremonies. Later he edits the captured clips and makes it a cinematic video resembling the theme of a Bollywood or Hollywood cinema.

We at The Wedding Studio have shot a lot of different traditional weddings and every time we are called to do the same we feel honored as through this we get to witness some real heart touching moments.
And if you want to check out more of our work as the best wedding photographers in Delhi you can visit The Wedding Studio.


Written By - The Wedding Studio on 07 Dec, 2019