Vivid Destination Day Wedding in Rajasthan -  Aman & Harsha

As family members who are expecting a marriage ceremony at home wish to participate fully in the wedding ceremony with the least responsibilities to scrutinize on the wedding day, they want to get involved in the wedding fully and enjoy the compassion and the love of the couple rather than missing the most important moments at the wedding while they are busy delivering the responsibilities. Hence destination weddings have eased these responsibilities on the family members as all these aspects are shouldered by the planners hired for the wedding. 

The Wedding Studio recently covered one such great and colourful wedding of a cute couple in Rajasthan, Aman and Harsha. The wedding is one of the most colourful weddings that we have covered in Rajasthan. From small witty games to Haldi ceremony, Mehdi ceremony, Baraath, Circumambulation, and so on, our team of professional photographers in Jaipur covered the wedding eloquently and as candid as possible. 

During the Mehdi ceremony, the bride who donned a stunning blue dress was adorned with the Henna by the professionals and her friends and family by her side. 


The couple celebrated the Haldi ceremony nothing less like a Holi, where the relatives, family, and friends apply a paste of turmeric powder and sandalwood oil on the skin of the couple. Later, all the members were decorated with the yellow paste.

Harsha, the bride, demanded to have some of the bridal portrait pictures in her traditional and bridal dresses before the wedding ceremony. Adorned with the royal ornaments and jewellery, the bridal lehenga, the bride looked alluring as she slyly posed for some candid pictures. 


The Baraat, the Pheras around the sacred fire, exchange of Varmalas (garlands), and the farewell, all of it was full of emotions, happiness, high spirit, and satisfaction. The colourful Sikh-style-themed wedding was nothing less than an exuberant festival.

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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 09 Jan, 2020