How Photographers Can schedule Their Photoshoot After The Lockdown?

There’s no denying the fact that these are among the darkest hours of the wedding photography industry and many different industries that directly serve the customers. With the Covid-19 outbreak and countries under lockdown, the global economy is witnessing a steep decline. With companies laying off employees back and forth, there is an immediate need for an escape plan. 

If you are a wedding photographer then it's very much possible that finding clients is going to be difficult for the next few months. But if you were already working on a project, probably the pandemic disrupted it. Don’t worry because there is always an option of postponing. 

It’s true that we don’t know when the lockdown will be lifted for good and things will go back to normal. But there’s a hunch in the industry that things will start to get back on track by the end of this year. So, if you are thinking of scheduling photoshoots, you better do it for October or November.

The wedding industry might be hit but this does not mean that couples won’t get married. In fact, they will get married and would need a photographer more than ever to get their wedding captured after surviving a literal apocalypse. 

But since you are in lockdown right now, there are ways in which you can still find ways to work. The best part about working as a photographer is that you are self-employed. So, all you have to do is find and reach out to the clients that might be interested in photoshoots right now.

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So, here are some photoshoot ideas and how you can find clients through the internet. 

1. Marketing

Since you are sitting at home, it is the right time to enhance your online presence and improve your website. Work on SEO to appear on strong keywords on Google. Also, advertise your business on various online platforms. You might not get clients right now but you will influence those who might be interested in hiring a photographer a few months later. 
How Photographers Can schedule Their Photoshoot After The Lockdown?

2. Instagram live

You can use your social media to reach out to your target customers and keep in touch with them. You can keep on engaging with them so as to remain in their talks or thoughts. This way, you can influence them to a great extent. 

instagram live in lockdown

3. Learn Skill

You can also attend the webinars of other photographers to learn new skills and figure out how they are using this time to earn clients and money. This is the perfect time to develop new skills. So, don’t lose out on the opportunity. 

how photographers are dealing with lockdown

4. Find interested clients

Even though people are not getting married currently, you can always do pre-wedding photoshoots. This might sound a little crazy but it’s true. People are getting pre wedding photoshoots done during the lockdown. This lockdown-themes pre wedding photoshoot will surely give a couple - memories to remember. So, reach out to customers who might be interested in such photoshoots. 

pre wedding photoshoot in lockdown
best pre wedding photoshoot in lockdown
best pre wedding photographer in lockdown
pre wedding shoot in lockdown
pre wedding photoshot after lockdown
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These were some of the ways in which a wedding photographer can schedule their photoshoots for after the lockdown and utilize this time to get the best out of these times. To learn new skills and know more about photoshoot ideas and getting clients, feel free to reach out to The Wedding Studio. We are on a journey to provide our clients with an unparalleled experience of services. 

Written By - The Wedding Studio on 20 May, 2020