Indian Wedding Couple Photography

With changing times, the photography style in Indian weddings has also changed a lot. Now, it’s not about just filling the album. It’s about adding value to it and getting pictures added that can turn your wedding album into memories that you can cherish forever. So, whether you are a couple or an aspiring wedding photographer, there are some things you can keep in mind to get the most beautiful wedding pictures. 

Indian wedding couple photography tips

Indian Couple Wedding Photography

Before jumping into the different tips and tricks to click a certain kind of pictures that can help you get beautiful wedding pictures, you must know about different kinds of wedding photography. Knowing about the different types will help you to be better prepared. 

Types of Indian Wedding couple photography - 

1. Pre wedding photography 

2. Getting-ready shots

3. Candid wedding photography

4. Traditional wedding photography

5. Drone shots


Mentioned above were the examples of a few Indian wedding photography that are generally required for a wedding. Now here are some of the tips to click spectacular wedding pictures that can get engraved in your memories so that you can savour them for a lifetime. 


Indian Wedding photography tips

The Ring Ceremony Shot
This is a perfect moment to capture a candid picture. Here’s an example of that. 

indian couple photography


The Varmala
This is the time at a wedding when the bride and groom have fun with each other and practically seal the deal by putting “varmalas” on each other’s neck. So, you can get some beautiful shots from there.

indian wedding couple photos


The Walking Shot
You can also take pictures from the venue where the bride and groom and walking in front of a beautiful background. This makes up for an amazing candid picture.
indian wedding couple photography


The Traditional Shot
Don’t miss out on those traditional shots where the bride and groom as standing next to each other. You can try out different poses and get creative in this one. 

indian married couple photos


The Dancing Shot
Don’t forget to click those dancing shots too. They are one of the most memorable parts of a wedding and you can get some good pictures out of it. 

indian wedding couple dance


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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 25 Apr, 2020