5 Ultimate Indian Wedding Couple Poses For Photoshoot

We here at The Wedding Studio understand that planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. And on top of that, you also have to go through your wedding photoshoot, which is clearly one of the most significant moments of your life. So, it is natural to be a little nervous about your wedding shoot. All you need to do is find ideas and inspirations for poses that you can try for your wedding photography. After all your research you'll be drastically more confident and positive before the camera. This is just like going to an exam when you are thoroughly prepared.

And to prepare you, the following are the 5 Ultimate Indian Wedding Couple Poses that you should definitely try:

The Kiss on The Forehead

shaadi ke pose 
Couple Portrait Photoshoot Ideas you must know

This is not just beautiful, the gesture also looks adorable and is worth getting captured in the camera, so that you can look back at these moments and cherish the happy moments forever.


The Side by Side

wedding poses
wedding couple poses for photoshoot

This is also a pose that has been with us for some time now but it still does the trick. You just have to make sure that you have an interesting background that works as an amazing empty space.


Flaunt Those Rings

wedding couple close up photos
Those rings are anything but simple. They are a symbol of love. These poses are always heartwarming as they represent the commitments that you make to each other at the time of the wedding vows.

The Back to Back

marriage couple images

This is another old pose that works for couples. If done right, it can turn out to be amazing. Here also make sure that you have an interesting background and it also helps if the couple is wearing their Varmalas.

The Turn And Look

indian wedding photography poses

This is one of the most charming poses. The Turn And Look always works. All you as a couple, need to do is turn back, look into the camera and give a heartfelt smile for the candid wedding photography. The moment is magical enough to make the picture special.

Hence there were some of the best ideas for the poses that you should definitely try in 2020 for your wedding photoshoot. And if you liked what you saw here, you can also go and check out our site The Wedding Studio for more such inspirations and content.

Indian Wedding Couple Photography Tips

Written By - The Wedding Studio on 07 Apr, 2020