Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Portrait Photography

Wedding Portrait Photography

Have you ever thought about how a picture might look groundbreaking to you and the client rejects it within seconds? This change of opinions and perspective tells a lot about wedding photography in general. 

For a couple, a wedding could be their dream or an effort of months of planning. So, they know what kind of food that should be there, the kind of music, the decor and especially the pictures. Being a photographer, you must have the right experience capturing an event like a wedding where there’s so much that goes on all the time. But eventually, it’s the client who will teach you something that you won’t learn from books. 

So, we have compiled a small guide that will tell you how everything you need to know about wedding portrait photography, you will learn from the clients. 


Giving Self-Criticism a Backseat

For wedding photographers, it is common to get entangled in the loop of self-criticism and sometimes that blinds towards their own accomplishments. It’s not a bad thing but when you are doing work for the clients, it can become a major barrier towards learning something. 

Clients, on the other hand, are working with you because they like your work. They possess the eyes of appreciation so let them take the lead and decide what’s best. This way, you can learn about what’s working and what’s not. 


Learn Your Positives from the Client

If you want to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, the client can tell that just by looking at your work. It’s true that if you keep looking for your weaknesses, you’ll only find it. It’s time that you take a look at positives to know what you’re doing good. 

Once you know what the clients love about you, you can focus on doing it more. This brings us to the next most important thing. 


Do more of what the client loves about you

If you are clicking a certain type of bridal portraits or other portrait shots that the client seems to be enjoying, try to take them more. You can try the same poses for your other clients too and see if they like it. This way you can learn what works the best in wedding portrait photography through your clients. 


Changes don’t mean failure

Just because the client is asking you to change a few things during the wedding photoshoot, it does not mean that it is the end of your career because the clients don’t like what you do. In fact, this is an opportunity to learn and adapt. So, if a client asks you to make changes whether with the poses, or the editing, just don’t take it personally.


The key to take here is, the client will teach you about what’s working which is the majority part of being a wedding photographer. So, if you are thinking about upscaling your business by learning and improving skills, there’s nothing better than working for a client and being open to opportunities. 

If you want to know anything else about Wedding Portrait Photography, you can contact The Wedding Studio. Our photography style comes from Photojournalism and it is influenced by fashion photography and fine-arts photography. 

Written By - The Wedding Studio on 02 Jul, 2020