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We here at The Wedding Studio got a chance to be a part of our Health and Welfare Minister, Mr. Harsh Vardhan's son. And even though it was a VVIP Wedding it was one of the most simple and sweetest weddings that we have seen. 



The wedding took place at our Road Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari's backyard.

Modi in wedding vip wedding


But before the wedding, Ankita wanted us to cover her Mehendi Ceremony. And we managed to capture some priceless moments between Antika and her mother.

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And as we were covering every important aspect of the wedding, we surely couldn't miss out on the bridal portrait part.

harshwardan son wedding

vvip wedding in india

As this shoot is purely focused on the beautiful bride, we tried to make it as creative and artistic as we could.

vvip wedding


Both Mayank and Ankita were looking amazing at the wedding.

best vip wedding in india


We here at The Wedding Studio had shot many VIP weddings before but nothing like this one. Some of the most influential people like Dr Manmohan Singh, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi were there to give their blessing to the sweet couple. 

vvip wedding in india

president in vvip wedding


vip wedding

The wedding has some amazing decorations, which helped us take some mind-blowing bokeh shots of Mayank and Ankita.

vip wedding


After the wedding, the couple had an indoor reception planned where everything was picturesque.

vip wedding in india


We also took some imaginative pictures of Neha and her mother at the time of Bidai.

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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 21 Feb, 2020