Our 5 Dreamy Wedding Videos That Will Amaze You

When it comes to capturing weddings, the first thing that comes to people's minds is still photography. And nobody gives enough credits to the cinematography of a wedding but we at The Wedding Studio understand the significance of wedding or pre wedding cinematography because we believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth way more.

Being one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, here are some of our best works in the cinematography aspect -

1. Avinash and Sakshi' Pre Wedding

Avinash and Sakshi was a cute couple who loved touring together on Avinash's bike so we decided to open the video with that. And when there is pre wedding cinematography how can we have missed the slo-mo elements? Avinash and Sakshi also were big music enthusiasts so we incorporated that in their pre wedding. And we also took some general shot of them roaming in Cannought Place as who among us doesn't like that?



2. Varun and Sonali's Wedding

The best aspect of this wedding was that is was held at Neemrana Fort, Jaipur. The fort is an amazing venue for a couple who is looking forward to a destination wedding in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Both Varun and Sonali were looking ravishing at their wedding so we thought of opening the video with their "getting ready" shots. And we couldn't have missed the opportunity to capture some drone shots of the fort at night.   


3. Deepti and Vijay's Pre Wedding -

For Deepti and Vijay's Pre Wedding, we wanted to do something different so we decided to go a little Bollywood style. We made Vijay drive in a car to pick up Deepti. We did the whole slo-mo bit with them to make it look like the scene from a romantic Bollywood song.



4. Anat and Divya's Wedding - 

We loved Anat and Divya's wedding day and for their wedding video, we picked the best clips that we got from the whole wedding and put them together to make a pretty sequence of the precious of their wedding.



5. Nitin and Mahima's Pre Wedding -

This was sure of the cutest couples that we have ever shot and they wanted a fun pre wedding, hence we thought what could be more fun than a pre wedding on a boat in the middle of a lake.



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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 03 Dec, 2019