Top 5 Pre Wedding Couple Photoshoot Poses

One of the rising wedding cultures in pre wedding shoot. Couples are opting for shoots that are away done days or months before the wedding to get some nice pictures. This not only gives them a chance to get good pictures but also spend a nice and intimate time with each other. 

But the problem arises when you are camera shy and don’t know a lot of poses to flex. Well, it’s not a big deal when you hire the right wedding photographer and do some homework. So, here are some of the top 5 pre wedding couple photoshoot poses that you can go for this wedding season. 


The Concert
You can have a photoshoot and yet have a lot of fun. This pose is meant to imitate a karaoke or a singing session where you can have a duet or just sing each other poetries while the photographer takes the pictures of you. 


Pre wedding couple photoshoot poses



This cycling shot is another amazing pre wedding pose that you can go for. It’s a quirky and fun pose to try. You can choose a nice location or a place that means something to you and you can pose with a cycle. 


pre wedding couple



The Silhouette
Looking for some majestic shots where the glow makes it enough to make you drool over the pictures. Well, you can go for the silhouettes where you stand in front of a light source so that it only touches your edges. Such shots are really cool and can totally pass as pre wedding poses. 


couple photoshoot poses



Filmy Pose
You can go for those filmy poses where you can recreate scenes from your favorite Bollywood movies. Such poses are really romantic and can give you some really good pictures that you can cherish forever. 


pre wedding couple poses



The Library
Now this one doesn’t mean that you have to go to a library or read a book together. All you need to do is indulge in things that you both enjoy and then get captured. This makes up for some really great candid pictures. Here is an example of that. 


best pre wedding couple poses


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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 16 Apr, 2020