Pre wedding Preparation Tips Every Couple Must Know.

If you are a couple who will be tying the knot soon and is looking forward to your pre wedding shoot then there are some things you can do from your end. It’s true that pre wedding photoshoots can give you some amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime and a good photographer can help in turning those memories into beautiful pictures. 

But hiring a good photographer won’t ensure you good pictures. You also have to put some effort into

your end. So, here are some of the things you can do to prepare for your pre wedding. 

These tips will help you be ready for your photoshoot so that you can get some amazing pictures. 

1. Work on yourself

Now, this does not mean that you have to work on changing your personality or looks. It is all about looking presentable on the day of photoshoot. So, here are some things you can do to work on yourself before the photoshoot. 

-Cut hair and nails
Trim your hair and nails if you are the guy and if you are a girl, you can make sure that your hair looks exactly the way you want in your pictures. Guys can also sharpen their beard rather than going with the mountain man look. 

-Scrub and moisturize
Make sure that you scrub your skin to remove dead skin cells and moisturize to look radiant. 

If you have a habit of hunching your back while sitting, it’s probably going to happen during the photoshoot too. So, try to improve your posture to look confident.

2. Choose the outfit

It goes without saying. You have to choose the right outfit before you can jump into your pre wedding photoshoot. And this shouldn’t be left for a night before. Plan your outfit atleast a week before the photoshoot. And don’t just choose one outfit but choose atleast 2-3 outfits so that you have a backup as well as variety for your photoshoot. 

3. Make up artists

Whether it is your wedding photoshoot or a pre wedding photoshoot, you have to book a make up artist. They play a crucial role as they help you look good for your photoshoots. They can help you achieve the right look that you want for your photoshoot. So, make sure that you make your bookings in advance. 

4. Pose ideas

Don’t rely on the photographer to tell you what kind of poses to go for. Also, do some research from your end and lookup for ideas on the internet for different pre wedding poses. You can check out Pinterest if you are looking for pre wedding photoshoot ideas. Try to practice them at home so that you can pull them off in front of the camera with confidence. 

5. Communicate with the photographer

If you are feeling unsure or camera-shy, communicate with the photographer. The best way to be prepared for the photoshoot is by feeling comfortable around the photographer and the camera. So, make sure that you communicate with the photographer better.

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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 22 May, 2020