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The 'Why" and "Where" of Pre Wedding Shoots in Jaipur.

Nowadays Jaipur is a go-to place when it comes to pre-wedding photography. Hundreds of pre wedding shoots take place there because of best Pre Wedding Shoots in Jaipur and this is the reason the Pink City has been titled as one of the best pre-wedding photography places in India. And the city of Jaipur is famous among the people in the wedding photography industry for all the right reasons.

And we here at The Wedding Studio have done countless pre-wedding shoots in Jaipur and are here to tell
you why Jaipur is the best place for your Pre Wedding shoot.

1 Royalty: At some point in life, all of us wanted a royal wedding for ourselves, thanks to the
influential Bollywood. And with Jaipur in the picture that long lost dream seems not so

pre wedding shoot places in jaipur

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2. Natural Beauty: Jaipur is one of the few places that has the best of both worlds, Hills and Lakes. The
natural beauty can make your pre-wedding photos more special.

best pre wedding places in jaipur

3. Stunning Architecture: There are not a lot of cities in Delhi the can compete with Jaipur when it
comes to Architectural beauty. People love to have their pre-wedding shoots at these amazing
looking forts that not only add charm to your pre-wedding photos but also royalty.


jaipur pre wedding shoot locations

4. Jawdropping Backdrops: The forts and the natural scenery combined give some stunning results.
As now we have established that Jaipur is a perfect place for your Pre Wedding shoot, another thing that
you need to know is the hot spots in Jaipur, where the best Pre Wedding Shoots take place.


So here are some of the most famous and remarkable locations in Jaipur at are ideal for a pre-wedding


1. Neemrana Fort

Discussing beautiful places in Jaipur, how can we not talk about the Neemrana Fort? The place is the
combination of all the right elements that are needed to have a breathtaking pre-wedding shoot.
Don't let the word "fort" fool you. the place has a pool, a hanging garden and a backdrop that is surly
enough to take people's breath away. The fort is so popular that people from all over the country come to
Neemrana Fort for their Royal Pre Wedding Shoot.

jaipur pre wedding locations

2. Amber Fort

Amber Fort is one of the oldest forts in Jaipur. But all these years have only added to the fort's grace. The
the place is loved by both photographers and Couples that go to Jaipur for their pre-wedding shoot.


places for pre wedding shoot in jaipur

3. Albert Hall Museum

Due to its design and the amazing symmetry, the Albert Hall Museum is very famous among young
couples. The vast structure of the museum gives the photos a dreamy feel.

pre wedding places in jaipur


4. Jal Mahal

This Mahal stands tall in the middle of Mansarover Lake, and this is what is special about it. With the
lake at its feet, the Jal Mahal proves to be a Jawdropping Backdrop for young couple's pre-wedding

places in jaipur for pre wedding shoot

5. The Samode Palace

Jaipur is also no short of Luxury. And The Samode Palace is the best example of that. If you want your
Pre Wedding photos to look like that they are taken from a Bollywood Movie then this is the place for


pre wedding destination in jaipur

We here at The Wedding Studio, have done a lot of pre-wedding shoots in Jaipur and if you are a couple
who is looking for a Pre Wedding Photographer in Jaipur, then well be glad to help you. You can also
check out our online portfolio to make sure that you have come to the right people.

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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 12 Feb, 2020