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Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi | The Wedding Studio

Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi | The Wedding Studio"

In Delhi alone, where there are so many couples opting to get married every day, the search for a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi has become constant. Couples are looking for an escape from regular wedding photography and getting a pre wedding photoshoot done. Since there is a bunch of best photographers in Delhi, couples are finding it hard to choose the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi. If you are not aware of how hiring a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi then you must know that a pre wedding photographer’s job is to make sure that they create an album of memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.


Why you should go for Pre Wedding Photography?

Weddings are one of the most beautiful events filled with decorations, lights, lively music, and amazing food. It’s an event where everyone appears in their best attire. But the show stopper remains to be the couple who stand out among the guests with their charm and poise and of course, their insanely beautiful dresses. In order to capture all that shimmer and glow, a photographer is hired.

Now, a traditional photographer’s work is to go around and click photographs of the guests, the couple and then guests with the couple. While the guests are always super ready to get clicked with the couple, the problem can arise on the couple’s part who don’t get enough time to get clicked alone. This gave rise to the need for pre wedding photography. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events in a couple’s life. So, to capture that love and compassion can become hard during the wedding as one is surrounded by so many people that it becomes slightly uncomfortable to pose. Also, there’s not much you can experiment with when it comes to clicking wedding pictures. You have to be wearing that outfit all the time and there’s no different background or props to enhance your photographs. All these problems get solved during a pre wedding photoshoot. You get to choose the theme, the dress, the props, the location and most importantly the escape. You can also an on the candid photography in your pre wedding photoshoot. The naturality of candid photography will enhance the beauty of pictures. This is the reason why so many couples looking for a Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi .

The photographs clicked during pre wedding photography can be added to the wedding album, used as the backdrop for wedding and can be posted on social media. A Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi lets you experiment with the photos as much as you can. Most of the trending wedding photos making an appearance on social media come from pre wedding photoshoots.


Pre Wedding Photography is a great opportunity for the couple to know each other and also the photographer. The couple might not be very comfortable with each other in the beginning but because of these Pre wedding photoshoots, the couple becomes intimate and hence the photos turn out great and look more natural and less forced.

The reason the couple should get to know the photographer so that they can understand his/her style. Because as the couple gets to know their photographer's style it becomes easier for them to tell him/her what kind of a photo shoot they are looking for their wedding day. And when there is a mutual understanding between the couple and the photographer the photos turn out to be natural and authentic.

Hence we believe that we have given you enough reason for not to skip on the Pre Wedding Photoshoot part. We talked Pre Wedding Photography and now its time to talk about the Pre Wedding Photographer..

Who is a Pre Wedding Photographer?


A pre wedding photographer is a professional who is booked months or weeks before the wedding day to capture photographs of the couple. The locations that they work in can range from Local Parks to Destination Pre Wedding Places like Ladakh, Kathmandu, Dubai, and Paris, etc. With the increasing number of weddings each year, the demand for a pre wedding photographer is also on the rise. Some times your destination wedding photographer in Delhi can be your pre wedding photographer too. But when something's number rises the bad ones also increase in number. so the question that can come to your mind is..

How can you find the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

There are hundreds of pre wedding photographers in Delhi but we know how hard it can be to find the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi. But for your relief, there are some ways to search for the best with as much ease as possible. The very first thing to do is search on Google. On google, you will find some amazing ideas for pre wedding photography. Then look through portfolios of the different Pre Wedding Photographers in Delhi. You can also find their reviews on the Internet. Once shortlisted, share your ideas with them and listen to their ideas too. The best way to judge a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi is by his work. So, thoroughly go through the photographer’s work and then make the decision. Other things to keep in mind are the fees, and technology used by the photographer. The photographer should be well-equipped and affordable.

When we say well-equipped, we mean that the photographer should have a camera, lighting, and other props to keep up with the current trends. As we all know Delhi is the hub for pre wedding shoot as there are top locations for your pre wedding shoot in Delhi . Therefore, the photos clicked should be of optimum quality. And when it comes to affordability, the photographer’s fee should be within your budget. There’s no point in going over your budget if you have other wedding bills to pay. There are plenty of wedding photographers in Delhi so it should be hard to find the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi who fits your budget. Moreover, if you like a photographer but the fee seems too high, you can always try to negotiate and bring the photographer’s fee down to something more reasonable. There are a lot of ways to judge a photographer’s capabilities. All you have to do is expand your horizon and settle with the one, you feel most comfortable with. All of this even sounds overwhelming and a couple who has a wedding to plan do not have this kind of time or resources. And we understand that and we would like to tell you that if you have been searching for the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi then your search ends now.

Why The Wedding Studio will provide you with the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi?


With having the best wedding photographer in Delhi, The Wedding Studio provides one of the best pre wedding, candid, and >wedding photography services in Delhi. Our photography style is heavily influenced by fashion-photography and fine-arts. This means that every photograph from your wedding and pre wedding will speak volumes. Our team consists of some of the best pre wedding photographers in Delhi as they believe in telling a story rather than clicking regular wedding pictures. For us, the art of love and intimacy lies in the way you tell that story. And we believe there are no better ways to tell the story of love than to present the memories through photographs. We, The Wedding Studio, believe that wedding photography is more than just posed pictures, it’s about capturing the real emotions that can be cherished for many more generations to come. As we have been covering a couple's weddings for a long time we find it easy to establish an understanding between the couple and us. We take care of all the requirements that a couple might have. We are known for our exceptional service that we offer, we not only give you your wedding album we also edit the photos and videos that we take at the wedding. And apart from that if the bride or the groom asks us anything we also have that covered too. We at The Wedding Studio only use the latest hi-tech equipment to shoot your client's wedding because we believe that the latest cameras are way better in terms of image capturing as they give the photo a touch of reality. So if you are a couple who is looking for a Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi, feel free to contact us .