Special Moments To Must Capture On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are among the most beautiful events there are. Since it’s all about the union of two souls who take vows to support each other for life through thick and thin, it becomes almost mandatory to celebrate the wedding day with love and laughter. 

Now, when it comes to remembering that day in the future, photo albums and videotapes are the only proofs. While videos are a great way to remember the day, photos are a more convenient option in which a person can look up anytime and anywhere, making them an irreplaceable asset. So, if you want your wedding album to be memorable, you need to have some shots captured that you can cherish for years to come. 

1. The getting ready shots
Whether it is the getting ready shots or bride or it is of the groom, they hold very high regard. While getting ready, a person goes through a surge of emotions. It is the times when the realization hits in, “I’m getting married”. The overwhelming feeling along with the excitement makes up for a great memory that you surely wouldn’t want to forget. So, among your other special moments, make sure that you capture this one on your wedding day. 

getting ready on wedding day

2. The one with all your friends
Now, this is another one that goes for both the bride and the groom. Since it’s your wedding, you’d have invited all your close friends. This is a crucial time to get good group pictures with them since your life will be devoted to one another as a couple and you will probably give relatively lesser priority to those friends, you once hung out with every day. So, make sure that you get it captured so that you can remember your friendship the way it always has been. 

Special Moments To Must Capture On Your Wedding Day

Moments To Must Capture On Your Wedding Day

3. The emotional moments
There are going to be emotional moments, some happy moments, and some sad moments. Now it’s not just the happy moments that are beautiful but also the sad ones. They all hold equal regard in your wedding. So, make sure that you get all of those emotional moments captured from your wedding. For example, the “Bidai” is something that you must get captured. 
best vidai photo emotional moments

4. Rocking the outfit
Since it took so much time and effort to get ready, it is very important to get good pictures clicked to make it all worth it. You will need to put up pictures on your social media and frame them for your home. So, it is necessary to get them captured the right way. So, once you get ready, make sure to get some pictures clicked before you hop on the wedding stage. 

best bridal wedding photoshoot with outfit

5. Couple Portraits
The most important of them all is getting clicked together as a couple. This is the time when you can get photographs clicked with each other. You can try out different angles or different positions to get an ideal couple of portraits. You can also try different poses, hold hands, or hug each other.

best couple portrait photoshoot 
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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 02 Jun, 2020