9 tips for Pre Wedding Candid Photography

The pre wedding photoshoot is a special phase for the couple. As during this time they not just get to spend quality time with each other but also tell the world the story of how they met and fell in love.

Hence couples are always finding ways to make their pre wedding photography special, and if you are one of those couples then you are at the right place as we here at The Wedding Studio have some pointer for you to look at before mapping out you pre wedding shoot


So these are 9 tips for Pre Wedding Candid Photography that you should follow to get great results:


Prefer to get the shoot under the sun

Pre Wedding Candid Photography

This is a decision that totally depends upon the weather situation that day, but if you get a chance to have your pre wedding shoot in the sun, you should take it. The reason for this is simple, natural light is the best form of light for photography. Plus the sunlight will bring life to all your pictures.


Use Smoke Bombs and Whatnot

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This is another way to spice up your pre wedding shoot, Smoke Bombs are very popular nowadays and everyone is using them for photoshoots. And you should also try them if you want your shoot to look fabulous.


Make the shoot romantic with some fairy tale lights

Candid Photography

The fairy Tale lights are one of the favorite props for the photographer to work with. Placing the lights in the background and foreground, and using a lens with a shallow depth of field is a great way to create some mesmerising images.


Choose the location wisely 

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The location plays a major role in how your pre wedding shoot is going to turn out. So you have to do a little research before the shoot to find a location that has the perfect backdrops and ambience for the shoot.


Flowers are always a good idea

pre wedding shoot

Flowers are a universal sign of love. So you should definitely plan your pre wedding shoot around some flowers. 


  • Recreate your special memories

romantic pre wedding photography

As we talked about before, a pre wedding shoot is a great way for couples to tell their story. And what can be a better way than recreating some of your best memories as a couple?


Incorporate Stunning Backdrops

pre wedding shoot location

This is a great way to make your photography more exciting. You have to choose a backdrop that would wow people.


Be on Cloud 9

pre wedding posses

Let your hair down, have fun and make some everlasting memories with your pre wedding photoshoot. At a shoot like this, it's you who call the shots and there is no one to judge you.


Live In The Moment

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This is just a reminder for you to be happy and forget about all the worries that you might have. A great candid pre wedding shoot only works if you have fun. So forget there are cameras around and be yourself, as that is what people like to see the most.

Hence these were the 9 tips for Pre Wedding Candid Photography that you should definitely try if you want your pre wedding shoot to turn out great. And if you are looking for more such inspirations, you can go and check out our site The Wedding Studio.

Written By - The Wedding Studio on 08 Apr, 2020