Top Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi

Delhi is surely one of the places where couples take their wedding phase very seriously. Hence the people only look for the Best Wedding Photographer In Delhi. And it's a good thing that they are so dedicated to making their wedding memories more special. Another thing that is equally important is to hire a Pre Wedding Photographer In Delhi.


There are many things that make a pre wedding shoot perfect, and here are some of those things:


Story Telling: Pre wedding shoots are always expected to tell the story of the couple. And this is due to the fact that a lot of couples like to show their pre wedding shoot pictures at their wedding. Relatives love to see these pictures as they take then through the journey that the couple has started.


Creativity: This is another major aspect that you have to keep in mind if you want your pre wedding shoot to be the best. Creativity breaks the monotony and this is the reason people are more drawn towards creative pre wedding shoots


Outfits: A lot of your per wedding depends upon the outfits. Gone are the times when the couple used to have their pre wedding shoot at a single location. Now couples go to different locations and wear different outfits every time.


Location: The main element that makes a pre wedding shoot perfect is the Pre Wedding Location and at a place like Delhi, you can find many such spots. But we here at The Wedding Studio have brought you some of the best Locations in Delhi for your pre wedding photography.


So here are some of the best locations for a pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi:

The Perfect Location - 

This is one of the most underrated places when it comes to Pre Wedding Shoot locations. Couples love coming here for a unique and vibrant photoshoot they can later flaunt on social media. Here you can try all kinds of pre wedding trends like smoke bombs and other things.


best pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi


Rail Museum -

Most people might not even see this place as a location for a pre wedding shoot, but trust us the train museum can work as an amazing backdrop for a filmy pre wedding shoot. Couples come here all the time to get that Bollywood style pre wedding shoot. The reason you should go for a shoot like this is that even if the shoot doest turn out as expected it will still look hilarious.


top pre wedding photoshoot location in Delhi


The Roseate -

This place is situated between the borders of Delhi and Gurgaon. And it is one of the most popular places among couples who are looking for a pre wedding shoot. You can also hire a Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi if you want to have some organic and real looking pictures.

best pre wedding photoshoot location in Delhi


Champa Gali -

This place has gained some serious popularity over the years. Each and every millennial in Delhi either has been here or wants to visit this place. In this case, just the popularity of the place can make it a spot for a pre wedding shoot.


pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi


Lodhi Gardens -

This is a fantastic choice if you want your pre wedding to take place in front of a Historical Monument. Lodhi Gardens is pretty famous all over Delhi and not just among the pre wedding shoot couples. The place is right behind the Beside India International Centre. The best thing about this place is that it gives you a glimpse of the rich cultural background of the capital.

best pre wedding photoshoots location  in Delhi


Humayun's Tomb - 

We are pretty sure that you have heard of this hot spot too. The place is amazing and the sight of the tomb is breathtaking. The place is huge and is perfect for a casual and romantic pre wedding shoot. Most of the time there are a lot of tourists and local people around hence it might be a challenge to have a pre wedding shoot here but believe us when we tell you that it will be worth it.

best pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi ncr

Hauz Khas Village -

This might be the most popular place for a pre wedding shoot in the whole of Delhi. And not just for pre wedding, couples love spending time here with each other. Hence what can be a better place than The Hauz Khas Village Port and Park.

pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi

Lodhi Art District -

If you are a couple who loves art and wants a vibrant pre wedding shoot that draws everyone's attention then this might be the place for you. The drawings in this place are amazing. And they can act as some perfect backdrops for your fun pre wedding shoot.

top pre wedding photoshoot in Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli -

Ideally, a pre wedding shoot is supposed to tell the story of the couple to the viewer. And if you expect something similar from your pre wedding shoot then places like these are going to make your pre wedding look perfect. These places tell stories of how the couple met and fell in love. 

pre wedding photoshoot location in Delhi

Garden of Five Senses -

This place has the most artistic setting of the lot. And if you are looking to have a creative and unique looking shoot then this is the place for you. The place has architectural as well as natural beauty. The place provides you with some garden-like backdrops that can really make your pre wedding shoot stand out.

 best pre wedding photoshoot location in Delhi

We at The Wedding Studio have done many Pre Wedding Shoots in Delhi and these were some of our favorite locations. 

And if you are looking for inspiration and want to check out our work, you can visit The Wedding Studio.

Written By - The Wedding Studio on 07 Dec, 2019