5 Trending Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas That You Should Try in 2020


It's 2020, and the famous trend of pre wedding photography has now successfully turned into a mandatory practice for young couples who are about to tie the knot. And as there is a lot of demand for pre wedding shoot ideas and inspiration, we here at The Wedding Studio have brought some of the best ideas that have worked for us tremendously and you should definitely try in 2020:


1. Incorporate your common interests

A major task of a pre wedding shoot is to tell the story of the couple. And if you are going for a similar vibe you have to include the interests that you and your loved one share. This helps the viewer to understand the saga of you as a couple. And one of the most common shared interests is music. Most of the couples start to bond because of their similar music taste. And if you have a similar intention then this is a great idea for you.

pre wedding photoshoot dress ideas


2. Make things more vibrant and colourful

After shooting hundreds of pre weddings, we here at The Wedding Studio have understood that viewers are more drawn to a shoot that is colorful and vivid. The colors decide the vide that the pre wedding shoot gives out. Like in the picture below, you can see we already had a great backdrop to work with but we decided to take things to the next level by using more color and making the shoot more pleasant.

pre wedding shoot themes


3. Use Fairy Tail Lights 

This is an amazing prop that you can use at your pre wedding shoot. You must have seen those couple goal pictures on Instagram and most of them have elements like these Fairy Tale Lights. These lights look fabulous regardless of whether they are in the background or foreground.

pre wedding photoshoot ideas


4. Get Some Bokeh Shots

These shots are not new, but they still haven't lost their charm. And with the accurate background, these pictures can turn out to be really mesmerizing. For this, the photographer selects a background and a foreground that will go perfectly with the scene. And then he/she has to use a lens that has a low f/ stop of around f/1.8

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas


5. Don't Forget To Capture Those Candid Moments

When it comes to storytelling, nothing can do justice to the actual moment like candid wedding photography. This kind of photography helps the photographer to capture the essence of the moment. And these pictures have a very natural and happy vibe that is just loved by the viewers. 

Trending Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas That You Should Try in 2020


These were some of the most popular ideas and inspirations of 2020 that can definitely prove to be useful for you. And if you are a couple who is on a lookout for all the new and best wedding photography trends you can go and check out our online portfolio at The Wedding Studio.

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Written By - The Wedding Studio on 02 Mar, 2020