Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you shoot traditional style too?

We use a mix style of shooting an event. Our team has a mix of both story centric shooters, ie capturing things with an intent to document the entire event as well as shooters who would be looking for real, candid moments and emotions. We believe that the mix is what ensures maximum coverage in a cinematic manner.

Q2. What is the general team size on the shoots?

The nature of the event and the number of guests expected influence the team size. Please trust us when we recommend a team size! The numerous events we have covered has made as subject matter experts on it.

Q3. What is the timelines on the deliverables?

The raw pics would be delivered in 2 days from the event day. The edited pics and the album design normally takes us 5-6 weeks once the couple selects the pics to be used for the album. The video deliverables takes us 3 months to complete.

Q4. Why would it take 3 months for video deliverables?

Editing is a very creative and time consuming process which goes through multiple drafts and revisions. Our efforts are always to bring the best to our couple and we don’t rush at it.

Q5. What if the deliverables are delayed?

We try our best to ensure that the deliverables are met in time. There are occasions, when the creative team is not happy with a particular revision and would want to push the quality a notch higher which may delay the deliverable. All that we can say at such a time would be to trust us and be patient with us as our efforts would always be to bring the best out for you.

Q6. How would we get the deliverables?

The couple would be required to hand over a hard disk to the team on the event day which would be used for handing back the raw pics. The video deliverables would be uploaded to a dedicated portal of My Wedding Beats from where the couple can download them in high resolution. Once the album is designed, a link to the design would be shared with the couple to go through and see how the album looks like before its sent for print. The couple would be able to suggest one round of changes as part of this review before approving the design.

Q7. Can we request for changes to the deliverables?

We greatly value the suggestions of our couple which helps us produce videos and albums specific to their taste. Though we can’t allow anyone sit with the edit team, factors like the music/song to be used for the highlights video, style of edit, etc are discussed with the couple before starting the edit.

Q8. Would we get the raw data too?

Yes, raw data of all the pics would be shared with the couple.

Q9. Where all would you be able to shoot?

We can shoot anywhere you can take us.

Q10. What if I want to have you shoot only one side events?

Yes, it is something we can do but strongly discourage. We work the best when we shoot both bride and groom side events. Shooting an event like a wedding requires lot of planning and coordination. Having another team on the day greatly impacts the way we shoot. Moreover, having us shoot both the sides would end up being more economical to the couple.