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A Romantic Candid Pre Wedding Shoot | Akansha and Ankit

Most of the couples get Pre Wedding Photoshoots done so that the photoshoot can spark up the chemistry between them and also make them comfortable with the photographers, as most people hire the same photographer for the actual wedding. But Akansha & Ankit came to us for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot, not to spark up their chemistry or anything but just for the experience of it as they both already had great chemistry.

The couple specifically asked us for a Candid Pre Wedding Photoshoot and with all that experience with Pre Wedding and Candid shoots we didn't give it a second thought. The couple wanted a romantic setting that could bring out the chemistry that's between them. After clicking some cute day time pictures we thought that the best way to make the photoshoot romantic is to shoot at night time.

The couple loved to go out drinking together so we thought why not try to recreate a moment like that and capture it with our cameras?

At night time we got some really amazing looking shots with the out of focus light bulbs in the background. With all the different experimenting one of our best wedding photographers in Delhi managed to capture a perfect shot of the couple sitting in the sand with an amazingly framed bonfire at the foreground. The picture was warm, romantic, and cozy, just something the couple wanted from the beginning.

We often photograph couples, and if you liked this pre wedding shoot that we did then there are a lot more photos that you can check out at The Wedding Studio.

Check Full Event: Akansha and Ankit || A Romantic Candid Pre Wedding Shoot

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