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Best Venues to Tie The Knot in Delhi || The Wedding Studio

Delhi is a place that has a population of over 2 crores. And naturally, a lot of weddings happen here. Hence a couple in Delhi is in a constant search of a Good Wedding Venue and the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. And today we are here to talk about some of the best venues that Delhi has to offer when it comes to weddings.

Given below are some of the most popular and beautiful places in Delhi:

The Westin Gurgaon - It is a very convenient venue as it is just a 5-minute walk away from the metro station. The place has some brilliant banquets and buffets for weddings. The place has a combination of the greatest decore. amazing lighting and a soothing environment. The Westin Gurgaon doesn't compromise comfort. The rooms here are so comfy that your guests will not have even a single complaint when they'll leave.

Blue Sapphire - If you are planning to get married in Delhi any time soon then Blue Sapphire is a perfect place for you. The specialty of this place is its decore, seeing the decor of this place in real life will really warn your heart. As you already have perfect decor you just need the Best Photographer in Delhi to cover your wedding so that you have some breathtaking images in your wedding album.

Raddison Blu - The Raddison Blu chain has many hotels around Delhi NCR. The name id this chain is enough to make couples interested in having their wedding ceremonies like sangeet, Mehendi, and Haldi here. And not just for these ceremonies, couples love to have their wedding there too.

Noor Mahal - It is a 5-star hotel with luxury in its middle name. And on the other hand, is also an amazing wedding venue. The decore and the vibe of this place should really be the talk of the town.

Orana - Last but not least. We have saved the best venue for the last, as Orana is our personal most favorite Wedding Venue in Delhi. The decoration and the pink decor really is breathtaking and according to us makes it one of the best wedding venue in Delhi. After choosing this as your wedding venue all you have to do is search for the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. Here are some images that will help you see it too that it is one of the best places in Delhi to get married.

So if you are a couple who is looking to get married in Delhi then any of the above options will be good for you and will help you make your wedding memorable.

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