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Most Popular Poses for a Bridal Portrait Photo shoot

Bridal Portraits also known as Bridal Shoots are a southern US trend that has traveled all the way to India. And the people here have really accepted this tradition with open arms. They are a very casual thing nowadays and a lot of brides especially ask for these from their candid wedding photographers. But still, there are people who do not understand the importance of these shoots and thing that they are just another aspect to waste time and resources.

So rather than straight going to the poses, we are going to talk a little about Bridal Shoots and their Significance in a bride's life.

These bridal shoots are usually done 3-4 days before the wedding as there is not much time on the wedding day for the bride to have a proper photoshoot before coming to the wedding. However, in these shoots, the bride gets ready the same that she will for her wedding. And this includes wearing the wedding outfit and getting your hair and makeup done from the same person that you hired for the wedding day.

By this, it looks like the bridal shoot is done moments before the entry of the bride into the wedding.

And as it comes to its significance, couples want their wedding album to be as fat as it can be and the only way that is possible is having all these different kinds of shoots like the bridal shoot.

And it is also in a way trying to cover each and every aspect of a wedding as every one of them is important. So lets cut to the chase and get to the part because of which you clicked on this blog!

We here at The Wedding Studio have done many Bridal Shoots in our time in the field and according to us, they have some of the best shots from the entire wedding. So by our experience here are some of the Bridal Poses that are the most popular and are guaranteed to look good.

1. For the Shot through the Dupatta

In this pose, the bride holds her Bridal Dupatta in such a way that we see and partially don't see her face. This is a very dramatic and moody pose. However very popular, it's up to your photographer how artistic they can make it.

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2. For the top angle shot

In this, The photographer captures the bride from an angle higher than the eye level. The focus of the camera remains on your eyes but still, the photo gives the viewer a glimpse of your wedding gown.

3. Fun one with friends

Friends are the ones who are there with the bride at every step of the wedding, so it is important for the bride to have a moment that is captured by the photographer.

4. The one adjusting your jewelry.

This is another very famous pose that we insist that brides do. And not just because it looks beautiful and elegant but also natural and authentic.

5. The one flaunting your lehenga

Bride's lehenga is one of the most eye-catching things in the wedding, and according to us, it deserves some separate 2-3 photos of itself.

6. The Winsom smirk in the mirror

Another overdone pose but still the best. This captures the front profile of the bride. And the results of these pose turn out to be stunning.

We here at The Wedding Studio, being among the Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi have shot a lot of bridal portraits so if you want to check out some of our work you can go to The Wedding Studio.

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