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Aditi & Raman || Pre Wedding Stories

Aditi & Raman was a beautiful couple the came to us looking for a Pre Wedding Photographer, and we at The Wedding Studio made sure they were at the right place.

Aditi & Raman live in South Africa and they came to Delhi to get married as they also wanted their families to be a part of their special day. As they believe a wedding is not just coming together of soules but also the coming together of two families to become one.

It was Aditi & Raman’s comfort level with us that helped us to take such amazing pictures of them

Couples generally just go looking for Candid Wedding Photographer and Best Wedding Photographers. And then they want the best wedding photographer in Delhi to do all the thinking. But Aditi & Raman were different. They had some specific ideas for the Pre Wedding Photoshoot. They wanted us to emphasize on the things that were common about both of them. Like both of them love nature, reading books and music. And we did your best to highlight their common interests in the Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

And we at The Wedding Studio wish Aditi & Raman’s that May your joining together brings you more joy than you can imagine.

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