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Khushi and Ishaan|| A Wonderful Pre Wedding and Wedding Shoot

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Most of the times the couple take time to get comfortable with their wedding photographer, but that was not the case with Khushi and Ishaan. The couple was very comfortable and pleasant with us from the beginning. They came to us looking for nothing but the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi for their Pre Wedding and Wedding Shoot. So when we showed the couple our portfolio and our photography style, and they were happy to know that they have come to the right place.

For the Pre Wedding, Khushi and Ishaan didn't want any other boring monotonous shoot, hence they made us work with smoke bombs as they are the latest addition to the Pre Wedding Shoot trend.

Khushi and Ishaan both were music enthusiasts so we thought of making the shoot a bit creative by including their common interests in the shoot. And if that wasn't enough for the Pre Wedding Photoshoot the couple also wanted some offbeat photos, so we experimented with a scooter that we found there and the results were really fun. The Couple's wedding took place in Delhi. It was a wonderful wedding. Everyone was thrilled. Together the couple was looking really beautiful and sweet. Especially the bride, she was looking angelic. We at The Wedding Studio had a great time covering Khushi and Ishaan's Pre Wedding and Wedding.

Check full event: Khushi and Ishaan|| A Wonderful Pre Wedding and Wedding Shoot

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