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Herpreet and Manjeet || Sikh Wedding

We at The Wedding Studio meet a lot of couples regarding their Wedding Photography and Herpreet and Manjeet was one of them. Herpreet and Manjeet wanted the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi, and after hearing that we were already on board. We at The Wedding Studio love listening to couples when they tell us what kind of wedding shoot they want. Because we believe that the wedding holds great significance in a couple’s life, and we help the couple preserve those precious moments in the form of a wedding album.

The couple also wanted a Candid and Pre Wedding Photographer but we assured them that we’ll look after their every need. It was a gorgeous wedding. The couple was looking astonishing in their wedding outfits.

The venue and the decorations were really easy on the eye. It was a priceless moment to see Herpreet and Manjeet go through the ceremonies and also go from their old life into their new life as a couple.

At such a happy day it was hard to even for us to see tears in the bride’s eyes at Bidai.

We at The Wedding Studio Wish Herpreet and Manjeet a lifetime of love and happiness.

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