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Divita and Aditya || Amazing Pre Wedding Photo Session

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Divita and Aditya were another lovely couple that came to us for their pre wedding shoot. And they were looking for the best pre wedding photographer. As they didn't just want any other boring Pre wedding shoot. They wanted to experiment with all the new and popular pre wedding photography trends that have been going on.

People generically just go for the best wedding photographer in Delhi or candid wedding photographer. But Divita and Aditya had specific things in mind. And as they told us about the trends they wanted in the shoot, we knew they came to the right people.

Some of the trends Divita and Aditya wanted to try were getting a shoot with flowers, at a shack, on the beach, with a silhouette feel, some night time dim pictures and also some classic vintage monochrome photos.

Check full event: Divita and Aditya || Pre Wedding Photography

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