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Poonam and Udit || Destination Wedding Memories

Poonam And Udit was a sweet couple that came to us for their wedding Photoshoot. The couple lives in the United States and came all the way to India to get married as a wedding is not just about two soules becoming one, it's also about two separate families becoming one big happy family.

As most of the couple these days, Poonam And Udit also wanted the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi for the shoot, and we were ready for the challenge.

Poonam And Udit were also specified that they wanted a Candid Wedding Photographer. As they wanted some natural and beautiful looking shots of the wedding.

When people think of destination wedding photoshoots what usually comes to their mind is a couple from India going to places like Dubai or Paris for their wedding, but here this was not the case. As Poonam And Udit live in the United States they came to India, not just to get India as the location for the photo shoot, but also so that their families could attend the couple’s big day.

And we at The Wedding Studio congratulate Poonam And Udit and their families for the couple's happy married life.

Explore full event: Poonam and Udit destination wedding memories

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